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3 things to do now that you’ve taken the BIM Quiz

Posted by: Michael McCunney // February 9, 2018

So, you’ve taken the BIM Quiz , and now you have your company’s official BIM Strategy score (if you haven't yet, do so now).

Take BIM Quiz

Now what?

 Whether the assessment revealed your organization to be BIM mavens or in the process of bootstrapping its beginner strategy, there are always ways to level up.

 Maybe your next step is creating BIM guidelines. Maybe you want to start syndicating your BIM content on your website and aggregate sites in real-time. Or maybe you should start tracking BIM downloads as part of your lead generation strategy.

 If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities, we get it. And we don’t have to convince you that BIM is important to your sales and marketing goals because we know you get it.

So, the big question is: Where should you start?

Here are the three things our experts recommend after you finish the BIM Quiz:

1. Know where you want to play.

Regardless of what your BIM strategy looks like today, it’s important to know where you want to go. Your BIM Strategy Report has a matrix showing the different BIM strategy levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert. Check it out and ask yourself: Are you ready to go for the gold as a BIM expert? Or is the advanced path more realistic? Identify your end goal based on how much you can invest in your BIM strategy in the near future and long term to determine how big of a role BIM could play in helping you achieve your sales and marketing targets.


2. Make a plan.

Chances are, you’re doing lots of things right already. So, find ways to capitalize on your strengths. For instance, if you already have (and use) guidelines to create consistent BIM content, you can make that go even further by auditing all your current content to ensure every BIM meets your requirements. (And then email your customer base letting them know about your commitment to accurate, high quality BIM so they’ll come to you first.) 

Next, look for opportunities to up your game when it comes to weaknesses. Want to encourage more BIM downloads on your site? Make sure it’s as easy as possible. Not sure? Ask for feedback. Most AECs would be happy to share their opinions since your efforts ultimately make their jobs easier.

Once you have your list, prioritize it according to the target BIM strategy you identified in step one.

3. Ask an Expert.

There’s no better way to level up than to learn from an expert. For a limited time, our experts are offering a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your BIM Quiz results and recommend next steps.

No, this isn’t going to be a high-pressure sales call. We consider it more like BIM community outreach. The fact is with small tweaks, many manufacturers could be getting a much better return on their BIM investment. Our experts want to spread the word and help you wrangle those kinds of results for yourself. 

It’s a free, one-on-one, no obligation consultation with some of the industry’s best BIM experts. What’s not to love? At the very least, you’ll walk away with some solid ideas about where to take your BIM strategy next.

Congratulate yourself. Taking the BIM Quiz was the first step toward increasing your BIM ROI. Keep moving forward, and you’ve got nowhere to go but up!

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Author: Michael McCunney

Michael McCunney holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of Hartford and a MBA from the Carroll Graduate School of Business at Boston College. Michael lives in East Cobb with his wife Roberta and their two daughters, and enjoys cheering on BC sports teams even though they almost never win.