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We're not new to the BIM management game. In fact, our staff has over 50 years of BIM experience. SmartBIM is proven in the marketplace, with our BIM technology managing over half a million pieces of content across hundreds of manufacturers.
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We have 15 years of BIM Management expertise as a company and over 50 years of collective experience in BIM on our team.

We created the industry standards on BIM Object Levels of Development with Autodesk and the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

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We’ve worked with major owners and manufacturers to create and implement company-specific BIM standards and practices.

The SmartBIM software platform currently has over 500,000 pieces of BIM content across hundreds of manufacturers.

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Hundreds of companies have trusted SmartBIM to help achieve their BIM Management goals.

From content creation to distribution and management – we’ve earned the trust of our customers with our BIM technology.

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Shane Pung

General Manager, Great Openings
SmartBIM is trusted by companies such as:
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The SmartBIM Platform puts the power of BIM back into
the hands of the Manufacturer

85% of Architects report going online to find BIM content and 65% go to the Manufacturer first. Powered by the
SmartBIM Platform, you can directly provide the BIM content your audience is looking for and get their business.